Dowsil 1200 OS Primer is used to improve adhesion and accelerate adhesion build-up of silicone elastomers to various substrates. This moisture curing primer is supplied as a dilute solution of reactive materials in low viscosity siloxane.


  • Improves adhesion of silicone elastomers and foams to many substrates
  • Provides more uniform and stronger bonds
  • Easy to use
  • Remains active over several hours after application
  • Formulated for low toxicity, i.e. not a health hazard according to European directive 88/379/EEC
  • Solvent used does not deplete the ozone layer
  • Resistant to ozone, ultra-violet radiation and temperature extremes


  • Please contact Glasscorp Ltd for specific advice on the primer required before proceeding
  • Please follow the solvent manufacturers safe handling recommendations and national regulations regarding solvent usage and storage
  • Customers should independently determine the suitability of this product for their specific purpose prior to use


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