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Bostik ISR 70-03 is a multi-purpose permanent elastic sealant/adhesive based on hybrid polymer (SMP) technology which exhibits high strength and flexibility.


  • Neutral cure
  • High strength
  • Solvent and isocyanates free
  • Fast curing
  • Paintable after skin formed
  • Excellent adhesion without primer on clean silvered mirrors, glass, tiles and enamel
  • Excellent adhesion with primer on porous substrates including plaster, concrete, wood, gypsum, etc
  • Suitable for structural bonds of metal and polyester panels without the use of mechanical fixing
  • Suitable for making elastic construction joints which also require high green strength
  • Compatible with polyurethane sealant and most butyl glazing tapes


  • General sealing
  • General sealing where adhesion is also required
  • Top sealing of single and double glazing in wood, metal and synthetic frames
  • Perimeter sealing around doors and windows
  • Fixing mirrors and splashbacks
  • Not recommended for mirrors installed on ceilings
  • Not recommended for vinyl-backed mirrors
  • For installing mirrors on vertical walls Glasscorp recommends 24mm wide mirror tape and a tape and glue thickness of between 1.6 and 3mm. As a guide use 5 strips of double sided tape vertically per 1.0m
  • Mirror tape should be applied in vertical lines as tape applied horizontally will gather moisture and not allow circulation of air. This may lead to corrosion of the mirror backing. Mirror adhesive (glue) contact area should be greater than 0.2m per 1.0m


  • Some applications may require the use of a specific Bostik primer
  • For more information on compatibility with other products and specialist advice, contact Glasscorp directly
  • Customers should independently determine the suitability of this product for their specific purpose prior to use


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