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Backing & Small Joint Sealants

Fabricator Small Joint Sealer is a compound used for sealing between the cut aluminium in the manufacture of aluminium joinery. This raw aluminium protector prevents corrosion caused by oxidisation at the fresh cut edges and creates the first barrier of weather protection by creating a gasket seal.


  • Creates a primary seal and is the first barrier of weather protection
  • Protects raw aluminium cuts from corrosion
  • Excellent ageing resistance and flexibility
  • Its unique flow/viscosity characteristics ensure good wetting and sealing of small and narrow joints
  • Low Slump
  • Will not damage anodised and powder coated aluminium


  • Aluminium joinery fabrication of anodised and powder coated aluminium frames
  • Sealing and protection of raw aluminium cuts where a narrow joint is required

WANZ Testing Standards

  • Tested and certified to conform with WANZ requirements for sealants used to manufacture anodised and powder coated aluminium joinery
  • A copy of the current test certificate is available in the Technical Information section for this product


  • The surface should first be cleaned with Glasscorp Solvent 7803 or 7805 using the two cloth cleaning method
  • Small joint sealer is not designed to seal wide, high movement or expansion joints
  • Some applications may require the use of a specific solvent cleaner or primer
  • For more information on compatibility with other products and specialist advice, please contact Glasscorp
  • Customers should independently determine the suitability of this product for their specific purpose prior to use


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