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Cut Out & Removal Systems

E TOOL - The battery powered auto glass cut-out tool. Designed and built specifically for mobile installations. Basically the same as the AT125 BTB autoglass removal system but battery powered by 12 volt battery in shoulder bag and separate charger.


  • 11 blades
  • Safely remove any bonded glass from any vehicle
  • This comprehensive kit contains mostly serrated blades, preferred for their faster cut-out times
  • Extra-long reach blade for below dashboards, reverse grind blades for encapsulated glass, along with a pinchweld scraper blade for removing excess adhesive
  • Powered cold knife blades are included for a fast and easy cut-out anywhere a traditional cold/pull knife was previously used
  • Adjustable cutting depth control arms regulate cutting depth

Kit Contents

  • Blades - WK1-S, WK2-S, WK4-S, WK4Z-S, WK4R-S, WK6-M, WK24Z, WK24ZR-S, WK24R-S, WK27S, WK28M
  • Cutting Depth Control Arms - WK11AW, WK11BWS, WK11CW, WK11EW, WK11FW
  • Accessories - WK7, WK7L, WK8, WK9, WK11VEL, WK20, WK-GA
  • Training Package - Introduction CD, Training CD, Users Manual
  • Heavy Duty E- Tool - E-TOOL, 12v battery in carry bag, charger
  • Packaging - Sturdy Plastic Carry Box


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