IPA is a general purpose industrial strength cleaning solvent

  • Industrial strength cleaning agent used for substrate cleaning prior to sealant application
  • Clean up of uncured sealant
  • Cleaning of parts before UV bonding and clean up of excess glue after bonding

Note: Not every contaminant is effectively removed by every solvent, and some applications require the use of a specific solvent.

Note: Certain solvents can also seriously damage some substrates.

Note: Please contact Glasscorp Ltd for specific advise on the solvent required before proceeding.

Note: Please follow the solvent manufacturers safe handling recommendations and national regulations regarding solvent usage and storage.

Note: IPA may not remove contaminants from polyester powder-coated aluminium, hence solvent cleaner 7803,7805 or Xylene are recommended

Note: Customers should independently determine the suitability of this product for their specific purpose prior to use


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