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Glass Cleaners

Automotive glass cleaner and protector for silky smooth, easy to clean glass.

Clean and protect interior and exterior glass, and other surfaces including plastic, polycarbonate, chrome, touchscreen and painted surfaces. Safe on tinted windows, and improves wet weather visibility and windshield wiper performance. Surface cleaning and shielding technology will create streak-free shine and provide excellent water-beading and gloss performance. Protects surface with a nano-scale, protective barrier that seals against future soil, smudges and fingerprints while maintaining the shine.

Repels rain, sleet and snow on contact with a long lasting, invisible water, soil and stain repellent finish for improved visibility and driving safety. It also reduces the adhesion and buildup of water spots, bugs, tree sap, road grime and splatter for less soiling, easier cleaning and an improved appearance.


  • 946ml
  • Cleans and protects
  • Protects surface using a nano-scale, protective barrier
  • Improves visibility and safety
  • Streak free
  • Makes cleaning fast and easy
  • Repels rain, sleet and snow
  • Resists soil and grime for easier cleaning


  • Automotive glass cleaner/protectant for silky smooth, easy to clean glass
  • Use on windshield, headlights and mirrors


  • Do not apply in direct sunlight
  • Customers should independently determine the suitability of this product for their specific purpose prior to use


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