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A delicate low/medium adhesion masking tape, designed for freshly painted surfaces at least 24 hours old. Made from ultra-thin extra strength Washi paper backing, it allows for sharp finish lines without paint build up and resists paint bleed-through. Used for lower adhesion applications onto cured and sealed surfaces. It is excellent for delicate curved profiles, irregular shapes and surfaces, such as primed wallboard, ceilings, cabinets and glass.


  • 24mm
  • 50m per roll
  • Purple
  • Surface type: Semi-smooth to semi textured
  • Low/medium adhesion
  • Ultra thin smooth tape for perfect shape lines
  • Clean removal can be expected on most surfaces up to 60 days
  • UV and weather resistance
  • Razor sharp lines
  • High visibility
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Hand tearable for ease of use
  • Extra strength
  • Solvent and paint compatible


  • Used on freshly painted surfaces at least 24 hours old
  • Excellent for delicate curved profiles and irregular shapes and surfaces
  • Ideal for primed and sealed wallboards, glass, plastic and vinyl coated wallpaper

Surface Preparation

The surfaces to be bonded must be dry and free from any contamination including dust, oils, fats, oxidisation, release agents and any other known contamination. The correct choice of surface cleaner depends on the surface properties. Essentially non-greasy cleaners are recommended including isopropanol alcohol (mixed 50/50 with clean water). Cleaning cloths must be clean, grease and fat free with no loose fibres or cloth particles. The bond strength is dependent upon the contact pressure of the adhesive to substrate. To assist this process all adhesive tapes require firm hand or roller pressure.


  • Customers should independently determine the suitability of this product for their specific purpose prior to use
  • Substrate testing recommended to ensure suitability and safe removal


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