Glasscorp Webinar Training Series

May 2023 - Glazing Putty Application

Learn about wider system considerations and some common pitfalls to avoid.

March 2023 - Sealant Technology & Application

Learn the fundamentals of sealant technology to select the right sealant product for your application.

November 2022 - Introduction to Structural Glazing

Learn the fundamentals of structural glazing, surface preparation, quality control, and project management.

September 2022 - Esprit Professional Windscreen Repair Refresher Training

View the Esprit Windscreen Repair Guides here

Part 1 - Introduction - Get the most out of your Esprit Windscreen Repair Kit

Part 2 - Preparing the damaged area - Learn how to examine and prepare the damaged area before commencing the repair

Part 3 - Setting up the bridge - The Elite Repair Bridge is used to hold an injector firmly against the glass

Part 4 - Applying the resin - Learn how to apply the Esprit resins

Part 5 - UV curing - The repair can be completed using the Esprit 12 volt LED UV curing lamp

Part 6 - Cleaning the equipment

July 2022 - Weather and Construction Joint Sealant Application

Learn the fundamentals of sealant application, surface preparation, quality control, optimal joint design, and issues to avoid, saving you time and materials.