Measure, Draw and Produce How much time do you spend in the process of manufacturing a product? How much time do miscalculations and unnecessary corrections waste?

With the revolutionary Prodim Proliner the job is accomplished faster, simpler, and more accurately.

Measuring is reduced to seconds, inaccuracies eliminated. The Prodim Proliner is a machine that can be set up at any location, combining the measuring, drawing and managing of a product. Watch efficiency and production rise and your costs fall.

To Measure: A Matter of Seconds Whether it is a straight, curved or complex shape, whether the object is horizontal vertical or slanted, the Prodim Proliner can measure it quickly and with an accuracy higher than ever obtained before. Simply place the portable machine within the vicinity of the object and switch it on. Take the measuring pen and one by one, or continuously, mark the relevant points of the desired contour. All the measurements are automatically stored, while at the same time your measuring results will show up directly on the screen of your Prodim Proliner.

CAD to CAM at its easiest Do you want to simultaneously make a direct connection to your production machines? With the Prodim Proliner, this is always a possibility. After measuring an object and then checking the digital drawing, the special optional CAM-module from the Prodim Proliner always automatically transfers the information into NC-code for your machines. Thanks to these features, a separate program is not necessary, thus optimising production efficiency. You save time and money.

Production Control Fast and Easy Once a job is completed, you may like to quickly produce detail drawings for your clients, create your own archives, or your own production control and measurement reports. The Prodim Proliner makes it easy! By using your measuring pen to follow the contours of your product, the measurements will already be automatically digitally stored. Through a connection with your CAD-system, you can produce detailed drawings at any scale.


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