The PLS3NZ is a self-leveling plumb and level laser with3 precise red laser dots. The PLS has become the well known standard in the construction industry in New Zealand for dot and line laser levels. Fast, reliable and accurate, simply sit the PLS3NZ on the floor or mount it to a timber stud or metal frame using the wall bracket, and it levels instantly, providing level, plumb up and down references. The PLS3NZ is designed for builders, glaziers, electrical technicians, structural steel and joinery, commercial contractors, boat builders and interior fit out contractors.

Product features

  • Automatic self levelling
  • 3 laser bright defined dots. Plumb up, plumb down and level beams
  • Pendulum lock not required
  • NZ calibrated, tested and supported
  • Parts & service available
  • PLS authorised ETN exchange program available
  • Long battery life of 30 hours

PLS3 specifications

Accuracy: / 6.0mm at 30 metres Operating Range: Typically 30 metres (dependent on light conditions) Self Levelling Range: / 6° Weight: 470 grams including battery Battery Type: 3 x AA Size Alkaline batteries Battery Operating Time: Up to 30 hours Warranty: 2 Years (limited warranty)

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