The AE3600 is optimised for testing sheets of glass in the factory. With one push of a button, users can determine if the meter is contacting the low E surface or if the coating is on surface two. Because the AE3600 does not use contact pins to identify coatings, it works every time in factory situations where the glass is covered with Lucor or other separator granules, regardless of how thick the granules are. The new surface 4 coatings being introduced by multiple glass producers have an insulative layer over the top of the coating. Contact style of meters will have problems identifying these coatings, as the meter must be pressed hard against the glass in order to penetrate the insulative layer. This will add to scratching problems, as well as general difficulty in using the contact type of meters. Because of its microproccessor design, the AE3600 Low E Detector can identify the new surface 4 coatings regardless of the protective layer.

Features and Benefits

  • The AE3600 is simple to use: With one push of the button, the meter checks both surfaces of glass with a single test from one side.
  • Competing meters require multiple measurements and process of elimination to check both sides of a single pane.
  • Powered by a 9-Volt Alkaline Battery
  • The 9-Volt battery is long lasting and easily replaceable.
  • Low battery indicator guards against costly false readings.
  • Other meters can display false results when the battery voltage gets low, and users may be unaware that the meter is reading incorrectly. The low battery feature on the AE3600 alerts users when low battery voltage could affect the accuracy of the measurement.
  • Wide thickness range
  • The AE3600 can accurately identify a low E coating on surface 2 for glass that is up to 13mm or 1/2 thick.


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